Your retirement is the biggest debt you will ever have!


a. It is Fallacy to believe that in retirement your expenses will reduce.

b. Research shows most people’s expenses increase in retirement.

c. In retirement you will have time and you want to do the things you could not do when you were working.

d. You may also have Grand Children and if you have "Time & Grand Children" you will definitely be spending more money in retirement.


The Age Pension as of July 2018

$1,368.00 per fortnight for a couple and $907.00 per fortnight for a single person, whose shoes would you rather be in?                                                

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Why the Pension is Unsustainable

1. In 1967 there were 7.5 workers / tax payers for every retiree.

2. By 2027 there will be less than 3.5 workers / tax payers for every retiree.

3. In 1967 there was no Social Welfare or Unemployment Departments to fund.

4. When the age pension was set at 65 years of age the average age for an Australian Male was 57 years of age.

5. Today the average age for an Australian Male is 80.9 years of age and Female is 84.8 so we are living longer but not necessarily more productively.

6. The big question is how will you fund your retirement?                               

Chart 6.2: Number of working‑age individuals per individual aged 65 years or older